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This website was set up to cater for the most ignored and most frustrated group in the ” Job search” world. By now am sure that you know of the fact that am talking about fresh graduates. I do not want to get so formal because i have been there before.

My name is Reagan Kawuma. I am a food Scientist by Profession and yes i run this website with a couple of other guys who know more IT than me. I set-up this website after seeing the disappointment my friends had after investing  millions in their education only to get done and employers ask for “working experience”. At one point, i wanted to tell those people (employers), “How do you expect me to get working experience at school?”

So i founded this website to scout out all the available fresh graduate opportunities so that you do not have to search anywhere else. Many websites  have a tonne of jobs but it takes luck to comb through all of them to get something that suits you.

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