Location: Kampala

Qualifications: Bachelors Degree


Are you willing to start small and slowly perfect your communications career, to enviable heights?


  • Are you a communications freak who wants to pursue a career in corporate communication?
  • Are you familiar with the dynamics of internet and the web?
  • Are you self-driven, and always looking to learn more on your own to improve your skills?
  • Are you willing to start small and slowly perfect your communications career, to enviable heights?

If you fit the above, you probably have your own laptop already, do you? If your answers are yes’ to all the above questions, then you are the one Elmot is looking for.

We are looking to give our clients more and more value for their money and in our experience we notice that much of the content or information our clients have to put out to their audience on the web, is  often ill prepared and hardly meets their overall objectives as organisations.

With the information tide, increasing by the day, and people (audiences) having, no more than 1440 minutes in each day, it is important that organisations continuously plan and prepare their content in an engaging voice and tone.

You will be interacting with clients to prepare amazing engaging web content for their audiences following well researched best practices and assimilating several standards for the web. Meaning you have to learn really a lot to gain the necessary skillset to deliver engaging and resultfull content for the audiences of a wide range of sectors. As you perfect your skills, you will also be able to develop comprehensive web content strategies for clients to use as a roadmap to achieving their organisational goals through harnessing the capabilities of the web.

If you are still interested, and ready for the challenge, then send us your resume and few accomplishments related to ‘writing’ or ‘communication’ to careers@elmot.ug and we will gladly get back to you if you are the one we are looking for.



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You just have to keep trying. Keep at it and do not draw back.

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