Loan No.: 2000130014082,

Project ID.: P-UG-FAO-006

The Republic of Uganda received a loan from the African Development Bank for the implementation of the Uganda Rural Electricity Access Project (UREAP). The Rural Electricity Access Project is one of several projects designed to achieve the target set in Rural Electrification Strategy and Plan (RESP-2), which aims to increase access to electricity in rural areas from 7% to 26% by 2022. The objective of the project is to provide access to electricity and enhance economic growth in rural areas of the country. Rural Electrification Agency (REA) is the Executing Agency for the project, under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMO).

The UREAP has 4 components:

  1. Grid extensions and last mile connections through construction of distribution networks;
  2. Project Administration and Management;
  3. Technical Assistance and Capacity Building which will be implemented in collaboration with the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), and aims to offer technical assistance to strengthen the institution to determine the cost of service and affordability of the tariff; and
  4. Environment and Social management, which includes the implementation of the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) and the Abbreviated Resettlement Action Plan (ARAP); and cooperate social responsibility (tree planting in the project area).

Under component 2 of the project, the Project Implementation Unit will be reinforced through recruitment of additional staff in the following positions: Electrical Engineers, Accountant, Procurement Officer, Environmentalist, Social expert. Way-leaves Officer, Outreach Officers.

Upon review of the project management and supervision requirements, the Agency proposes recruitment as detailed below:


Reporting /Purpose:

The Project Community Affairs Assistant shall work under the Project Management Unit (PMU) but will work under close supervision of the Principal Corporate Outreach and Communications Officer of the Agency. He/she shall be resident in the project areas. The primary purpose will be to disseminate project information, sensitize, mobilize and coordinate community involvement and participation during project design and implementation, with the aim of achieving the project objectives, smooth project implementation and enhancing initial connections.

The community affairs officer will coordinate day-to-day stakeholder participation geared towards smooth project implementation. The respective officer shall be resident in the project areas as below:

1) Lot 1: Central Service Territory
2) Lot 2: Central Service Territory
3) Lot 3: North Eastern Service Territory
4) Lot 4: Eastern Service Territory
5) Lot 5: Eastern Service Territory
6) Lot 7: North-North Western Service Territory

The Community Affairs Assistant will be responsible for the following duties;Key Responsibilities:

  • Implementation of the social aspects of the project within the project areas, through community sensitization and information dissemination on the project’s objectives.
  • Increase community awareness of REA projects, including connections initiatives and any other project interventions.
  • Enhance community participation during project design and implementation
  • Mobilize and coordinate community involvement during project implementation
  • Sensitize communities on the productive use of energy and issues of health and safety when using electricity
  • Giving marketing support to the service providers in the different service territories.
  • Assist the wayleaves office in addressing disputes over wayleaves rights, land ownership and tree cutting.
  • The community affairs assistant shall be resident in the project area

Qualifications and Experience:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field including; Communications and Media, Public Relations, Marketing, Social Sciences, Social Work and Development Studies.
  • Experience of at least two (2) years in outreach related programs.
  • Public speaking ability in the English language and additional local languages
  • Computer literate and able to used Ms. Office applications for report writing.

Duration of Services:

Two (2) years

The applicant shall clearly state in their application, the Lots and the respective regions where intend to work.

Submission of Applications

Interested applicants should submit their applications including detailed Curriculum Vitae and copies of relevant academic documents to:-

The Executive Director

Rural Electrification Agency

Plot 10 Windsor Loop, Kololo 2nd Floor,

House of Hope

Kampala – Uganda

All applications should be received not later than 17:00 Hours (local time) on 28th October 2016


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