Too many candidates mistakenly believe that being called in for an interview is being guaranteed a position. Nothing could be further from the truth. You might be the last person on a short list of candidates. Your skills, knowledge, and abilities are good – but not a perfect match for the company.

You need to prepare and build the confidence to sustain you through any interview. I have compiled a list of some of the tips you can have at hand to boost your confidence.

Below is the list:

  • As you go for a personal interview, always expect the question “Tell us something about yourself”. Go prepared to answer it.
  • Understand the requirements of the role properly and keep your answer ready for “Why does this role interest you?”
  • To judge your stability in the personal interview, the interviewer might ask a direct question like “Why do you think should we take you?” Go prepared to answer it.
  • Prepare your answer to the question the interviewer might ask about your strengths and weaknesses in the interview. Take the word weaknesses as liberally as possible.
  • Analyze the qualities that you required to achieve something big. Talk your latest achievement in the interview. When asked about mistakes, mention the one from long past.
  • Never approach the interviewer as a “Job Beggar”. Go as a “Problem Solver”. Answer in positive when you are asked if you are speaking to some other companies for your job search.
  • Show your flexible attitude during the personal interview. This can be done by being open to relocation.
  • If you have stayed in your last job for too long or have switched the jobs very frequently, have an answer ready to the queries that might appear during the personal interview.
  • Demonstrate the keenness to learn if you do not have all the required experience.
  • Never talk bad about your last jobs or employers.
  • Sound ambitious but stable.
  • Sound like a team player but be open to take the autonomous responsibilities.
  • Don’t jump on the salary in the initial part of the interview. Let the interviewer take it out first.
  • Study about the company before you go for the interview. Ask intelligent questions when give a chance to ask questions to interviewers.
  • Stay confident, composed and calm during the interview.

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You just have to keep trying. Keep at it and do not draw back.

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