Job Title: URA Internship Programme Sept – Nov Intake 2019

Organization: Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

Internship Summary

URA Internship Programme 2019: Every year, the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Internship Programme brings together undergraduates from all over Ugandan business institutions to learn and grow within its borders. Applications for the URA Internship Programme 2019 (September – November Intake) open on 22nd July 2019 through the link below.

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) was established by the Uganda Revenue Authority Statute of 1991 and set up in September of the same year as a central body for assessment and collection of specified revenue, to administer and enforce the laws relating to such revenue and to provide for related matters. This statute incorporated all the laws that were in force then regarding tax collection. The new organization (URA) amalgamated the three tax administration departments that were responsible for all the taxes collected by the Central Government of Uganda.

URA Internship Programme 2019

Eligible Study Programs for URA Internship

For proper selection and alignment to the business of URA, there is a need for the applicant to understand the way Uganda Revenue Authority operates in order to guide on the choice of deployment that will be relevant to the student. This URA Internship guideline, therefore, will ensure that only students whose study programs are applicable to Uganda Revenue Authority business apply.

  1. Accounting and Finance: Accounting is commonly utilized in the collection and support departments of URA. This is a profession that deals with analyzing, measurement, disclosure, and provision of financial information that helps the tax authority in the assessment of taxes and allocation of resources within the Authority. This may take study programs like Accounting and Finance and any other business program with specialities in accounting and finance.
  2. Auditing: This is a systematic and independent examination of the books of accounts and other statutory documents to ascertain how far they are a true reflection of the concern. Auditing is actually a branch of accounting.
  3. Service Management is a domestic taxes function whose mandate is to provide quick solutions and relevant tax information to walk with clients especially about their tax obligations and procedures. This may require all business-related programs as well as people related courses like social work and Social Administration, Psychology, and economics.
  4. Human Resource: This is concerned with talent management within the Authority. Its mandate is to ensure that the Authority attracts, selects, deploys, develops, engages and motivates a highly talented workforce to enable the Authority to meet her strategic objectives through quality people.
  5. Administration and Secretarial support: This cuts across the business areas to support the business leaders to smoothly execute their mandate. They are usually the front desk managers of the different offices and stations. Consideration is given to administrative and secretarial science, Information management and administration.
  6. Statisticians: The mandate of the Authority requires a high utilization of data in all business sectors of the economy for planning and decision making.
  7. Economists: By the virtue of our mandate to collect revenue collection, it goes without saying that we advise the government on tax policies and any other matters of the same relationship. Taxation thrives on the economy and as such the productive forces that guide economic growth are very relevant the taxation especially in a bid to ensure that everybody pays his part of the tax obligation. Study programs like Economics, Quantitative Economics, Statistics, and Development Economics.
  8. Information and Communications Technology: In a bid to serve the public better, the Authority has leveraged technology to refine our internal processes but at the same time provide quick and faster solutions to our clients
  9. Tax Investigations: This business area covers a multiplicity of professions but its main mandate is to ensure that all persons that are obliged to pay taxes to pay what is due to them. They support the authority is providing information in relation to fraud with intent to avoid tax obligations. Study programs in Auditing, accounting are relevant to the business area.
  10. Law: The authority runs an internal law firm with a team of experts in charge of litigation and prosecution but as well as in charge of policies and rulings. This gives an avenue to professional lawyers to do an internship in the business area.
  11. Engineering: The Authority has an estates section in which a few Engineers both at the Degree and Diploma levels can seek to do their internship. Study programs like electrical, civil and construction engineering may be relevant to the business area.
  12. Procurement: This business area is intended to ensure that the Authority obtain the goods and services required for all our operations within the relevant laws of the county. Procurement related disciplines are relevant to the business area.
  13. Public Relations: This business area is intended to enhance the relationship between the Authority and all our stakeholders including the general public. This is the mouthpiece of the Authority. Mass communication and other public relations disciplines.

How to Apply

  • You will be required to create an account with Uganda Revenue Authority before embarking on the application journey up to the level of submission.
  • Please take some time to fill out the relevant information.
  • Once all required sections are completed, a submit link will be shown to you to submit your application.
  • A Uganda Revenue Authority Internship confirmation email will be sent to the address you used at registration.
  • Please note that you can save your information and continue with your application later on.

All Sections on the left marked with * are MANDATORY.

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NOTE: Key areas of consideration

  • Personal information including all the bio-data that may be required.
  • University/professional programme for which the Internship is required including the major subjects undertaken and the CGP at the time of application.
  • The period in which you intend to pursue your URA internship programme.
  • Referees should include the academic supervisors from your study department/ institutions.
  • Attachment of the introductory letter from the learning institution and the current results/testimonial is a must and both must be in PDF.
  • Submission of the filled application. Please ensure that you submit the filled form and an acknowledgement email will be sent to your email as proof of your application but also guide on the way forward.

Deadline: 4th August 2019



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    Do i have a choice of branch to be posted to especially here in Kampala?
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