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Sales Agents

Company: EnerGrow
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Type: Full-time
Application Deadline: 03 July 2024
Role Overview: Sales & Customer Service
Industry: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
Years of Experience: 1-3 years

About the Role

EnerGrow Sales Agents are responsible for relationship building and sales with our customers. They also support on monthly payment collection from their customers. This is a commission-based role that requires motivated and talented salespeople who are excited to use their skills to help improve people’s lives through our products.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build awareness and sales of EnerGrow loans and electronic products through various channels such as door-to-door sales, product displays at markets, and presentations to community groups.
  • Engage with partners and their teams to drive sales.
  • Earn commissions on sales and loan repayments.
  • Gather all required customer information digitally to provide loans.
  • Ensure accuracy and truthfulness of customer and loan information presented to EnerGrow’s team.
  • Conduct occasional customer surveys as guided by line managers.
  • Collaborate with the Collections team to ensure timely client payments.
  • Train customers on business improvement and financial management if exceptionally talented.
  • Travel daily to sales areas to meet potential clients and build relationships with local leaders.
  • Deliver high-quality client service by being punctual, providing accurate information, and showing respect to all potential customers.
  • Maintain and update written and electronic client records and other relevant documents.

Success Metrics:

  • Meeting sales targets
  • Meeting collections targets
  • Improving EnerGrow’s brand

Characteristics of a Great Sales Agent:

  • Self-motivation to meet and exceed expectations
  • Understanding of sales and customer care
  • Creativity in finding new customers
  • Strong connection with customers to help them find solutions using EnerGrow products
  • Excitement about contributing to a better future for Africa
  • Comfort in a fast-paced, changing environment with encouragement for individual initiative
  • Autonomy to implement creative solutions
  • Passion for organization, attention to detail, and precision

Job Requirements:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • High level of integrity
  • Fluency in English and Luganda
  • Comfort with data entry on phones and computers
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Commitment to excellence, outstanding work ethic, and attention to detail
  • Outgoing personality with the ability to approach new groups or clients
  • Sales experience is a plus but not a requirement

About EnerGrow

EnerGrow is an appliance financing start-up based in Uganda. We partner with On and Off Grid energy companies to help people purchase productive use appliances to increase their incomes, which they could not normally afford. By partnering with energy companies, we help communities expand their energy usage and increase their incomes.

Why EnerGrow? Hundreds of millions of people across Africa have expensive on- and off-grid electricity connections that are underutilized. Customers can afford power but not the productive use appliances that could help them earn an income. This leaves energy companies economically challenged while customers remain in poverty. EnerGrow’s data-driven asset finance helps accelerate rural electrification and improve rural energy services while increasing rural incomes.

Our Impact:

  • Customers win by gaining access to productive use appliances.
  • Energy companies win by expanding their market and increasing revenue.
  • EnerGrow wins by fostering economic growth and development.

Together, we will change Africa.

Apply Here:
Apply by: 03 July 2024

ENERGROW – Jobs in Uganda
Industry: Sales
Location: Uganda



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