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Fresher jobs uganda

Are you looking to recruit or advertise your services and products to fresh graduates? Then this is the site for you.  Fresher Jobs Uganda focuses on advertising opportunities in the fresh graduate category. 

Benefits of submitting your job with us

  • This presents you with an infinite pool of an affordable, targeted, and enthusiastic labour force.
  • Your advert gets viewed by more than 10,000 freshers who visit our site daily with countless impressions.

fresher jobs Uganda Impressions

We have 5 different advertisement plans.
Your listing is placed on the first page for as long as you need. There are five (5) fixed spots for page one (1). (*Recommended)
  • Spot one: 200,000/- ugx per week (Your listing is also pinned to the top of our social media pages).
  • Spot two: 180,000/- ugx per week
  • Spot three: 160,000/- ugx per week 
  • Spot four: 140,000/- ugx per week
  • Spot five: 120,000/- ugx per week

To get started:

  1. Kindly send us an email via  with your preferred advertisement plan and listing in word doc format.
  2. We will then advise on the most convenient payment methods.

For Job listings, always including the following details;

  1. Job Title.
  2. Name of your organization.
  3. Job Location.
  4. Job summary.
  5. Summary about your organization
  6. Roles and Responsibilities of the successful candidate.
  7. Minimum Qualifications and Skills (We only accept jobs that require maximum two (2) years of working experience. The lower the working experience years the better. Always indicate whether Fresh Graduates are eligible or Not)
  8. How To Apply Instructions.
  9. Application Deadline.

If all the above are availed at the same time, we promise to publish your listing within 24 hours after receipt.


  • We DO NOT welcome jobs/opportunities from “abroad”. ie Dubai, Oman, Qatar, etc.
  • All jobs/opportunities should be free and fair.
  • Any lobbying or recruitment fees within the hiring process will automatically qualify your organization/company for a “scammer alert”.