Job Title: Cluster Diagnostic Technical Officers (3)

Organization: Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation Uganda

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Category: Management, NGO

Job Type: Contract



Job Summary: The Cluster Diagnostic Technical Officers will primarily provide day-to-day microbiology diagnostics technical assistance to AMR surveillance site laboratories to improve the detection, generation, quality, and use of data at the subnational level and across sectors (human, animal, and environmental health sectors).

NOTE: This is a contingent advert, and its progression is dependent on the award of the anticipated grant.

Overall Responsibilities:

Technical Support:

  • Strengthen microbiology laboratory testing capacity by facilitating on-the-job training on diagnostic bacteriology and AMR surveillance protocols, including specimen processing, culture interpretation, pathogen identification, antibiotic susceptibility testing, reporting, and isolate management/referral.
  • Enhance microbiology laboratory internal quality control, EQA, and quality management systems, integrating biosafety and biosecurity within routine laboratory activities in line with up-to-date standards and guidelines.
  • Support microbiology equipment and supply chain management to avert interruption in testing services.
  • Strengthen procedures and practices for media production and management/storage.
  • Improve the interface between laboratory and clinical staff/prescribers to promote rational use of antibiotics.
  • Improve data management and quality assurance, including preparation of monthly reports/quarterly laboratory/AMR surveillance reports.
  • Support the development/review of laboratory SOPs and tools in line with up-to-date guidelines/standards.

Technical Capacity Building (Training and Mentorship):

  • Support AMR surveillance site laboratories in implementing and maintaining a diagnostic stewardship program.
  • Support AMR surveillance site laboratories to implement Action Plans/quality improvement initiatives/projects to address gaps detected during baseline/follow-up assessments.
  • Support the development and implementation of site plans, including aspects of sustainability.
  • Assist laboratories in implementing and maintaining the laboratory’s Quality Management System towards international accreditation.
  • Contribute to laboratory management reviews and clinic-laboratory interface meetings.

Coordination, Communication, and Collaboration:

  • Promote/foster good communication and teamwork.
  • Maintain communication within AMR surveillance sites, with the national diagnostic network, across sectors (health, animal, and environmental health), and collaborating partners.

Required Qualification, Experience, and Competencies:

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technology or equivalent with at least three years of experience in diagnostic microbiology.
  • 3 Years Relevant Experience


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