Job Title: Financial Analyst
Supervisor: Manager Regulatory Finance
Contract Length: 5 years

Job Purpose:
Analyze the performance and financial viability of the licensees against the set targets as well as the assumed/planned resources as set in the signed agreements and validate financial claims through periodic reconciliations.


  1. Monitor and review financial performance of licensees against the set targets in the tariffs approved by the authority.
  2. Undertake the review and analysis of investment plans and conduct the verification of investments undertaken by licensees.
  3. Review the audited financial statements of Licensees vis a vis the set targets as well as the assumed/planned resources embedded in the tariffs approved by the Authority.
  4. Review the audited financial statements of Licensees vis a vis the assumptions embedded in the tariffs approved by the Authority.
  5. Undertake sector financial as well as value for money audits of licensees operations.
  6. Review compliance reports submitted by licensees and enforce compliance to the Act, Regulations, and the License conditions.
  7. Undertake a review of UEB successor budgets and monitor the licensees’ performance on the approved budgets.
  8. Contribute to the production of the periodic sector performance reports by providing an assessment of the financial performance and viability of the licensees.
  9. Develop, utilize, maintain, and update the database for verified investment.
  10. Train licensees and follow them up on the implementation of the Uniform System of Accounts (USoA).
  11. Establish and regularly update the standardized costs used in the determination of appropriate investment plans.
  12. Assess the sector investment requirements, analyze their impact on the tariff path, and advise ERA on the most feasible alternatives for financing investments.
  13. Perform any other duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Supervisor or Management.

Academic Qualifications and Working Experience:

  • An Honours University Degree in Commerce (Finance/Accounting), Business Administration (Finance/Accounting), Finance and Accounting, Financial Economics.
  • Minimum of level II for professional Qualifications such as ACCA, CPA, CFA.
  • Must have at least Three (3) Years of relevant working experience in a reputable organization.
  • Should be below 45 years of age.

How To Apply

If you believe you have the relevant qualifications and experience, please send your detailed application and CV demonstrating possession of relevant competencies, current position, names and addresses of the referees via email as One Document to

The Deadline for submission of Applications is 1st-march-2024, at 5:00pm. Applicants who do not meet the stipulated minimum requirements need not apply.

N.B: Members of the Electricity Regulatory Authority or Staff of ERA shall not be accepted as referees. Canvassing or any attempt thereof will lead to immediate disqualification. ERA is an equal opportunity employer.

Incase you have any inquiry, let us know by commenting here.

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