Job Title: Network Planning Engineer
Supervisor: Manager Planning and Investments
Contract Length: 5 years

Job Purpose:
To develop Power Planning System Models used to inform short- and long-term Electrical Network Investments, Power Evacuation Arrangements, Loss Trajectories, Network Operational Stability, Load Flow analysis, and optimum network configurations, for the rapidly growing transmission and distribution systems and enforce technical standards to ensure a harmonized grid rollout.


  1. Prepare Power System Computer Models, perform Power System Simulations, and advise Management on the Power System requirements, from Generation, Transmission to Distribution (for both on-grid and off-grid) and participate in the System Planning and Coordination Committee activities.
  2. Determine and monitor the loss trajectories and the associated investments for Transmission and Distribution Licensees.
  3. Update System Network Models to reflect changes (current and prospective load growth, reliability, network growth, and reconfigurations) in the networks of licensees on a quarterly basis.
  4. Carry out impact studies of new and operational generation plants, new technologies, and advise management accordingly.
  5. Collect, review, and analyze the power system network status data to identify the need for additional investments in the network.
  6. Review Investment Plan applications in line with The Electricity (approval and verification of investments) Regulations, 2020, and advise Management on the adequacy and appropriateness to achieve Value for Money.
  7. Review and advise on grid extension and expansion requirements across the voltage categories including LV, MV, and HV.
  8. Update and maintain a fit for purpose database on implemented projects/investments in the Sector.
  9. Monitor the implementation of ongoing projects by the distribution utilities and Transmission Company.
  10. Undertake verification of investments in the Distribution and Transmission Segments.
  11. Carry out research and make comparative analyses of technologies deployed on the network by licensees, to provide assurance to Management on the appropriateness of implemented solutions in light of technical capability and cost.
  12. Develop and regularly update Benchmarks for Transmission and Distribution construction costs.
  13. Any other duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Supervisor or Management.

Academic Qualifications and Working Experience:

  • An Honors University Degree in Electrical Engineering or in a related field.
  • Should have a minimum of three (03) years relevant working experience in the Electricity Sector with practical knowledge in the Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Systems.
  • Must have experience in Power Flow, Dynamic Stability, and System Modeling with knowledge of modeling software such as PSSE, DIGSILENT, PSS SINCAL.
  • Must understand Power System Hardware (Transformers, Surge arresters, Circuit breakers, Transmission lines, cables, and other passive devices), its capabilities & limitations.
  • Should be a registerable Engineer by UIPE/ERB.
  • Should be below 35 years of age.

How To Apply

If you believe you have the relevant qualifications and experience, please send your detailed application and CV demonstrating possession of relevant competencies, current position, names and addresses of the referees via email as One Document to

The Deadline for submission of Applications is 1st-march-2024, at 5:00pm. Applicants who do not meet the stipulated minimum requirements need not apply.

N.B: Members of the Electricity Regulatory Authority or Staff of ERA shall not be accepted as referees. Canvassing or any attempt thereof will lead to immediate disqualification. ERA is an equal opportunity employer.



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