JOB TITLE: Senior Environment Inspector (Pollution and Radiation)

DEPARTMENT: Environment Compliance

REPORTS TO: Principal Environment Inspector-Chemical Safety, Radiation and Pollution Prevention


SUPERVISES: Environment Inspectors (Pollution and Radiation control)

MAIN PURPOSE OF THE JOB: To develop and implement Plans, Strategies, and Initiatives to enhance Radiation and Pollution prevention and management in Uganda.


  1. Develop and implement Work Plans and Budgets for Radiation and Pollution Prevention and Management in Uganda.
  2. Coordinate, monitor, and regulate the management and use of radiations in Uganda.
  3. Manage Radiation safety and Pollution prevention.
  4. Coordinate compliance monitoring and inspections to ensure proper use of radiations.
  5. Develop and implement actions for the promotion of Radiation Safety.
  6. Design and implement mechanisms for Pollution prevention, Control, and Management.
  7. Coordinate with other departments on all matters relevant to Radiation and Pollution Prevention and Management.
  8. Support and promote applied research on best Environment Practices.
  9. Effectively contribute to the development and management of Radiation and Pollution Information System as part of the overall Environment Information Management System.
  10. Support public awareness and education about Radiation safety and Pollution Prevention and Management.
  11. Supervise and appraise staff.
  12. Perform any other official duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor.



  • An Honours Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant field of Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Chemistry, Biochemistry from a reputable University or Institution.
  • A Master of Science Degree in the relevant field of Environment and Natural Resources or Environment Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Chemistry or Biochemistry from a recognized University or Institution.


  • At least three (3) years relevant working experience in Radiation and Pollution management in a reputable organization.


  • Excellent scientific analytical skills.
  • Knowledge and skills in instrumentation.
  • Leadership, team building, and supervision skills.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, and negotiation skills.
  • Good understanding of mitigation hierarchy.
  • Financial and Human Resource management skills.
  • Excellent scholarly writing, publication, and presentation skills.
  • Resource Mobilization skills.
  • Risk Management skills.
  • Command of excellent Information Communication Technology skills.

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