If you are a member of any Ugandan Facebook groups, you testify that there so many countless offers that are posted by individuals claiming to be giving jobs to people. The requirement is to “comment with your phone number”.


 Nothing can be further from the truth and closer to a scam than that.We have realized that many are preying on the ignorance of these people and stealing their contacts for so many reasons i will mention below.

It has become a trending habit for those that want quick phone numbers numbers. simply ask people for their phone numbers and they willingly give them to you with a promise of a job.We are aware that the times are hard and that many Ugandans are graduating only to sit at home but before you post your contact again on Facebook, consider these factors:

Scam Jobs

Professional jobs and authentic employers require that a candidate if interested in a particular job opportunity with them, he/she submits all the relevant documents such as CV, application and occasionally academic transcripts. This is done always using clear channels such as the post office and/or email address.When an “employer” asks for your phone number before looking through your qualifications, then your “scam flags” should go off. If you are looking for a job that fits your qualification consider checking authentic websites like ours. Click Fresher Jobs Uganda to check out the latest job openings in the fresh gradate category. We daily post jobs on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/fresherjobsuganda with links to the different job offers.

NOTE: Kindly do not comment with your phone number, follow/click on the link in the post to see the requirements and if you qualify, then apply with the necessary documents.


Unscrupulous telemarketers may grab your phone number from your Facebook page and then start calling you to pitch items and services that you don’t want or need. You may wind up fielding multiple offers each day to participate in things you know not of. You can minimize calls from telemarketers by keeping your number away from Facebook. Most telemarketers use Facebook because there is free information that you do not need to pay for including your phone number on the “job post.”

Unwanted Text Messages

If you put your mobile number on Facebook, you might start receiving unwanted text messages from people who may randomly land on it on Facebook. People may also begin sending you advertising messages to your phone. If your cellphone service provider charges you for each text message, you could find your bill going up because of the extra texts you got from people on Facebook. Recently i got a con-man calling me with all my details but i was quick to realize that they could have stolen my information from Facebook and i edited my timeline to leave only general information. Nothing personal.

Unsolicited Contact from “Friends”

 If someone develops an unreciprocated interest in you based on your Facebook page, he or she could take advantage of your phone number to start contacting you by calling, leaving voicemails or sending you text messages or images. You can avoid stalkers by leaving your phone number off of Facebook. If you are using Facebook primarily to stay in touch with the people you already know, such as family members, old friends and coworkers, they may already have your number, or you could give it to them the next time you meet in person or exchange emails.

Reverse Directory Lookups

Someone who is searching for your home address could look you up on Facebook. Even if you didn’t put your address on the site, if you posted your phone number, someone could type your number into a reverse phone directory to find your location. It’s prudent to avoid posting your phone number, because once it is online, you will have no control over who has access to it.

With  those factors under consideration, how do we help you make better job searching decisions?

This is how you identify an authentic/true job advertisement. It must have the following:

  • Name and a few details of the employer. This may include their history, location, contacts (email, website, phone numbers, etc), mission, objectives, and general description of the business. This will vary from one employer to another but at least one of them
  • Name of the job opportunity and a little summary about it. This may include a brief description of the named opportunity and the basic roles of the successful candidate.
  • Desired qualifications and experience of the applicants. Some jobs may not require any working  experience such as the ones we post on this website.
  • Clear application procedure which often includes guidelines on how to apply for the mentioned job opening. This may be through a physical post office address or an reference email address of the company. Occasionally some employers use third party recruiters to hire people on their behalf.

If all these pointers are not included, please do not share your personal information with that “employer” unless you know them personally. Then you are sure of who has your details.

If you feel this has been helpful or you have a thought you may want us to include in this article, consider leaving a comment below.

Happy Job searching!



You just have to keep trying. Keep at it and do not draw back.

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