Job Title: Formulation and Development Officer (2)
Employment Type: Full-time

Company: Abacus Pharma Limited
Job Location: Mukono

Job Summary:
Abacus Pharma Limited is looking for two highly motivated and detail-oriented Formulation and Development Officers to join our dynamic team. The successful candidates will play a pivotal role in identifying, studying, and developing formulations to address the unmet medical needs of our customers. Additionally, they will contribute essential insights for the development and execution of effective sales and marketing strategies for our pharmaceutical products.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct research and formulation of new products
  • Plan and execute the Formulation and Development (FND) calendar effectively
  • Prepare laboratory batches and conduct analysis
  • Analyze and report on FND samples under stability study
  • Trial and develop analytical methods
  • Document FND raw data accurately
  • Prepare summary sheets outlining material requirements for FND, including reagents, excipients, and active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Compile monthly summary reports on FND progress for review

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in quality control processes and testing of medicinal products
  • University degree in industrial chemistry, pharmacy, biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, science technology with chemistry, or equivalent
  • Strong understanding of good manufacturing and distribution practices in Uganda
  • Demonstrated innovation, creativity, and technological adaptiveness

Job Application Process:
Interested candidates should send their CV and academic credentials to
Application deadline: 05.04.2024

By Daniel

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