Key Partner : Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development

Target beneficiaries :

• Ugandan graduates 18-35 years
• 500 graduates annually
• Diploma/ TVET graduates (30%), Bachelor’s (60%) & Masters (10%)
• Up to 4 years after school
• 50-50 male-female
• 10% graduates with disabilities
• Inclusive for all regions of Uganda

About the programme. 

The UGANDA GRADUATE VOLUNTEER SCHEME: The main objective of the UGVS is to create employment avenues for young graduates while building the capacity of national institutions, private sector and other key partners to mainstream youth employment into their work places. The Scheme will utilize volunteerism as an avenue for youth’s contribution to societal development challenges and a pathway to providing the youth with the soft skills required to be employable or to create employment for themselves. Volunteers will be employed in various public and private institutions which are partnering with the Scheme.

They will also be provided with a full-on job package that includes coaching, mentorship, role models to guide them along their career path even after the programme.
(i) develop the ideas into comprehensive business proposals,
(ii) strengthen their business skills through entrepreneurship training,
(iii) gain access to financing to start up or improve their businesses, and
(iv) acquire support with coaching and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs to help the volunteers from start up through to building their own successful enterprises.
The pilot phase of the programme will run for two years from 2018 to the end of 2019.

Project Outputs :

  1. 1. Establish a National Graduate Volunteer Scheme, managed and sustained as a government programme specializing in youth employment and volunteerism
  2. 2. Support the review of the youth employment and volunteerism policy and legal framework
  3. 3. Increase youth engagement through volunteerism to address the country’s development challenges.
  4. 4. Volunteers’ employability enhanced through skills development and support to innovative business ideas.

Sectors of Placement :

Volunteers will be placed in Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, District Local Governments’, Private Sector entities, Non-Government Organisations as well as the United Nations system across the key sectors below:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Finance and Banking
  3. Tourism and hospitality
  4. Information Communication and Technology
  5. Infrastructure Development including construction
  6. Energy and Minerals
  7. Health
  8. Education
  9. Social Development

How Will The Scheme Work?

In the pilot, the Scheme will support the development of labour market intermediation services including job matching, job placement, job readiness trainings among others. The Scheme will partner with institutions from public sector, private sector and civil society spread across the country. In the pilot, the scheme will prioritize institutions in the sectors of Agriculture, Tourism and Hospitality, Finance and Banking, Information Technology, Energy and Minerals, Infrastructure Development including construction, Health and Education and Social Development sectors and will later expand to all other sectors depending on the demand.


The first cohort of graduate volunteers will be recruited from September to October 2018. The scheme will work with employers to assess their needs to ensure a best match. The volunteer opportunities will be advertised, all applications will be made on a centralized online system, with an interview and matching process led by a selection panel.


Volunteer placement will start in October and November 2018 following a preplacement training that covers life skills, workplace skills and career development skills. The graduate volunteers and supervisors will develop a work plan with measurable targets and a professional development plan. They will meet regularly throughout the placement to review progress, with ongoing program support. All graduate volunteers will engage in community service once a week in their communities working closely with the Community Development Officers and this will be captured as part of their performance. Placements will close with a graduation ceremony bringing together graduate volunteers and employers to review achievements and ensure learning is captured to strengthen the UGVS.

Who can apply?

A person is eligible to apply if he/she meets the following criteria:
1. Is a Ugandan national. National identity card shall serve as proof of citizenship.
2. Aged 18 to 35 years;
3. Has a masters’ or bachelors’ degree or diploma or advanced certificate from Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) institute. Applicants shall attach certified copies of transcripts and certificates from their tertiary institutions as proof.
4. Has been unemployed, underemployed, or out-of-school and inactive for four years or less after completing masters or bachelors’ degree, or diploma;
5. Produces recommendation letters from either a former lecturer/supervisor or tutor and LCI chairperson.

How do I apply?

All applicants must fill the application form online and attached the required documents.
Only complete application forms will be considered.
The recruitment process has three stages:
1. Your application will be reviewed by a selection committee
2. If your application passes this stage, it will be matched with a possible host institution
3. If a host institution accepts your profile, you will be invited for an interview
4. If you pass the interview, you will be given an offer, trained and placed with the host institution.

Click here to start application 

Deadline: Open

For inquiries you can email the UGVS team on and we shall reply as soon as possible.



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  1. Thank you alot,
    This sounds a promising program in skill development and i personally credit the entire organization for such nice ideas that have endlessly cared about our generation.

  2. I am okuba denish a graduate of bachelor degree of development studies Have tried this Graduate volunteers several times but I received no feedback since

      1. I have taken long without getting any updates on the available vacancy, may you please keep me posted

  3. Hello
    Am so sorry for complaining but I applied for this program last year November but all I received was an automated mail that my application has been accepted but nothing at all since then. Does that mean I was not successful? Or?

    1. Hello Prossy,

      Our job is to simply advertise. But if you don’t hear from an employer within the stipulated time, then consider yourself unsuccessful, unfortunately.

      Admin, Fresher Jobs Uganda.

    1. Hello,

      Please subscribe by entering your email into our email list.

      To see our subscription tab, scroll down your page (if you are using your phone) right after the job list.
      You will see the “subscribe now” button.

      Admin, Fresher Jobs Uganda.

    1. Hello Mercy,

      Once the opportunities are available, you will know via our website. However, we cannot tell when an employer is recruiting until when they contact us.

      Admin Team, Fresher Jobs Uganda

  4. hey fresher jobs am having issues knowing if a job is still on coz its posting shows 2018/2019 so am now in 2019 do i still apply or coz its deadline shows open …so its open till 2019 ends or it ended but its the program that will run till 2019 and applications ended in 2018.

    1. Hello Jumba,

      If a job listing shows an open deadline, it is only safe to apply when the post is less than three weeks old. But if it’s more than that, then consider the opportunity taken. (Every job listing we publish has a posting date)

      When an employer uses such as a deadline, it means that they will welcome applications until they get their best candidate. Therefore, it is entirely upon them and not us to close the application process.
      Our job is simple, it is to advertise the job listing for the employers so that you see it and apply directly to them as per the stated instructions.

      Admin Team, Fresher Jobs Uganda

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