Best Undergraduate Internship Placement Companies in Uganda 2020

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Due to the many requests we received from students about their internship or Industrial training placements, we have decided to make a detailed list of various companies accepting Industrial training and internship applications from Ugandan undergraduates.

Please note that the companies currently accepting industrial training application can also be found in the internships/industrial training category on our website.

It is always advisable to take your internship very serious. There is nothing as amazing as doing your Internship in a very good place. As a matter of fact, when you do your internship in a good place you tend to learn more and get retained sometimes by the same organization.

Review the list and choose what’s best for you.

Best Undergraduate Internship Placement Companies in Uganda 2020

Civil, Electrical, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering Courses

  • Air, Water & Earth Engineers
  • Atacama Consultants
  • Cementers Uganda Limited
  • District Engineering Teams
  • DOTT Services
  • Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA)
  • Eskom Uganda Limited
  • Excel Construction Ltd
  • Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)
  • Ministry of Water and Environment
  • Ministry of Works and Transport
  • Mott McDonald
  • National Environment Management Authority of Uganda (NEMA)
  • National Forestry Authority
  • National Housing and Construction Company
  • National Water & Sewage Corporation (NWSC)
  • PEC (Professional Engineering Consultants)
  • Petrol Stations Such as Total, Shell, Oryx, PetrolCity, Hass Uganda
  • ROKO Construction Ltd
  • Sogea Satom
  • Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL)
  • Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL)
  • Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)
  • UMEME Limited

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    1. Hello , how are you?
      My name is Tina kusasira, I’m looking for a place where to do my internship from , I’m doing organisational studied and communication skills at makerere university

  1. I studied software engineering from Bugema university in 2017 , i would like you to get me a placement as an intern so that i get a chance of hands on experience from one of those companies thanks

      1. I studied GDS air ticketing and fares …and I have an IATA certificate.. Am kindly seeking where I can do my internship

    1. Hello am Nalukwago Maria
      Doing Business administration in marketing, where can I apply for my internship from .Kyambogo university

      1. This is really very helpful. Am a second year student from Uganda Martyrs University doing Business Administration and Management. Am trying to get internship placement currently. Can you be of help to me ?

    1. Hii I’m a second year student of Makerere business institute, doing diploma in procurement and logistics management,, can I get internship place at ur company

  2. I am a second year student of Food science and technology .Thank so much for the information . May you throw more light on the paid internships.

    1. Hello Jasper,

      Paid internships are one where you are paid while doing your internship. They are occasional but we often advertise them on our website when we get such opportunities.

      Fresher Jobs Uganda

  3. Hello am Muyanja Stephen a student from Makerere University Kampala offering a degree in Commerce, am looking forward to get an internship place in finance department of any company or oganisation

  4. Hello…to my dismay I have failed to see the internship places for those doing BSci. Oil and Gas production…..may I know them please

  5. I do appreciate your services, thanks soo much. i am a student at Uganda Martyrs University persuing a bachelors in Business Administration and Management and am looking forward to getting a PRE-INTERNSHIP under the finance department in one of the above organisations

  6. Niwagaba Amos are my names a second year student at kyambogo University persuing a bachelor in Arts and social sciences and am looking forward for aplace where to do my internship from.

  7. Im a student of journalism and communication at makerere university in my second year .I would like to get an internship placement at UNRA specifically in the field of communication.

    1. Hello Crystal,

      Once the opportunities are available, you will know via our website. However, we cannot tell when an employer is recruiting until when they contact us.

      Fresher Jobs Uganda is NOT UNRA. We simply advertise on their behalf.

      Admin Team, Fresher Jobs Uganda

  8. Iam Abalo Rebecca a second year student pursuing Bachelor of Office and Information at Makerere University Business School, l humbly request for an internship placement in National water and sewage corporation gulu.

    1. Hello Rebecca,

      When we have any new internship openings we will advertise them on our website.
      For now, we do not know because we do not work with National water and Sewage cooperation.

      Admin Team, Fresher Jobs Uganda.

  9. Hello…iam NAbukalu Ritah from makerere university business school….Persuing bachelor of business computing…I humbly request for an interniship placement at UNRA or any IT company…specifically in IT department..Thank you

    1. Hello Ritah,

      Thanks for contacting us. However, we are not UNRA. Fresher Jobs Uganda is ONLY an advertising brand.
      For such information, please contact the employers directly.

      Admin Team, Fresher Jobs Uganda.

  10. I am looking for internship opportunities in the Civil Aviation sector in Uganda. Can you recommend some companies and organisations that you may know of?

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for contacting us. Below is the list of some of the aviation companies in Uganda.
      1. Kampala Executive Aviation
      2. MAF Uganda
      3. Aster Global Services Uganda Limited
      4. Europa Engineers Ltd
      6. Trax Aviation
      7. Eagle Air
      8. Aerolink Uganda

      Consider checking them out physically for opportunities.

      Admin Team, Fresher Jobs Uganda.

  11. Hello am Opoka Peter a student of Uganda management institute kampala branch doing a diploma in records and information management. I would like to help me know if there are still any internship placement opportunities in Kampala please, thank you.

    1. Hello

      Thanks for contacting Fresher jobs Uganda (FJU). Please note that Fresher Jobs Uganda is an independent advertisement brand and is thus not affiliated to any employer.
      If you do not see a specific opportunity on our website, it means we do not know about it.

      Therefore, we recommend that you contact the employer directly to obtain such information.

      Admin Team, Fresher Jobs Uganda

  12. Hello,,I first of all appreciate your services,I am fortunate Amumpaire a student at MUBs Nakawa offering bachelors in human resource management, I would like to know the organizations that are still accepting application letters for internship. Thank you

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for contacting us. The organizations that contact us with internship opportunities are advertised on our website.
      Please check in the category for “internship” to find any available opportunities.

      Admin Team, Fresher Jobs Uganda.

  13. Hi, am Vianneyvelkan & am a student of science in biotechnology at MAK. Just wanted to know about where to get an internship.

  14. Hello.. Thankyou for all the updates.
    Am a student at MUBS offering Entrepreneurship and Business management. Which companies would you recommend me for INTERNSHIP programme?

  15. hello’
    Am a student of Uganda christian university doing procurement and logistics at a diploma level’ will i be able to apply for my inters in your organization due to steptember this year? or if possible from Gulu town.

    ochora walter

    1. Hello Walter,

      Fresher Jobs Uganda does not receive applications on behalf of any employer. If you are interested in any opportunity we advertise, contact the employer directly.

      Admin Team, Fresher Jobs Uganda

  16. This is Birimuye Edward pursuing a bachelor’s degree in chemical and processing engineering kyambogo University year two, Uganda am looking for a company to my internship next year 2020 .thanks

  17. Hellow , I am okeny denish Persuing bachelor in civil engineering from ndejje University…second year ##
    Any company to Grand me internship placement in civil work

  18. Regards to u all . Bigoba Rafael are my names, am studying with Kampala university I min city compass and am persuing a degree n computer science am one one . quen ar they free ov charge???

  19. Hello,i am Babileba joyce I am looking for a place where to do internship from. Am doing organizational sudies and philosophy at makerere University . Thank you

  20. Mukisa edith
    Hello, i am Mukisa Edith persuing in Bachelors of Bussiness Administration looking for a place to do my internship from june to August 2020

  21. Hello there,
    My name is Aryayesimira Matthew and and a Development economics student at Makerere university and am looking for placement for intern
    Please guide me,
    Thank you

  22. Iam Gafayo Anthony a third year student pursuing Bachelor of civil engineering at Ndejje University , l humbly request for an internship placement from those good companies with civil engineering works

  23. Hey am Agaba Deborah Diana a student of MUBS nakawa pursuing bachelor of entrepreneurship and small business management looking for an internship placement…..

  24. Hi am a student from Kyambogo University pursuing Diploma in interior design and landscape planning looking for internship placement.

  25. I’m Collins Akankwasa a second year student doing Bsc. in Building economics at Kyambogo university and I would like to know where I can apply for internship.thx

  26. hello i’am vital kajangu student at International University Of East Africa and i am looking an internship in civil engineering. thanks

  27. am a student at Makerere university. i do records and archives management. am also looking for an internship place. which place can be the best for me. thx.

  28. I am called kasango Hussein a fresh graduate of electricity and electrical engineering I need some where to do graduate training

  29. Am Nasozi faridah ,,,,a student of kyambogo university ,, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance,i applied for an internship but I have never received any notification or call

  30. Hi, thank you for adverts . Am Kau Vincent a student of Makerere university pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. Am looking for an internship .where can I place my application.
    Thank you.

  31. I am very much delightful upon this wonderful information. I am still an under graduate student about to join makerere university to study BSc. in Environmental science. i am hopeful that i will follow the right procedures when applying for an internship in your organization. Thank you so much.

  32. Hello , I`m Dieng Dak student at international University of East Africa pursuing bachelor of science in petroleum engineering , i would kindly request if i could get an internship and let me know how much will it cost incase it`s there . Thanks so much

  33. Hello,I am Niragira Eliane a student at cavendish University in bachelor of business administration accounting and finance.I have completed my classes and need to do a virtual internship.can you help me?

    1. Dear Prosper, we endeavour to provide a variety of opportunities. Please check the internship section of the website for details about similar opportunities

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