Job Title: Knowledge Management Technical Manager
Employment Type: Full-time
Deadline: 23/04/2024

Why is CARE Uganda hiring a KMTM? / Role of KMTM:

CARE Uganda is hiring a KMTM to have someone accountable for all processes and KM tools and to ensure they align with CARE Uganda’s Business Plan direction. The KMTM oversees knowledge-related activities, including the management, capturing, sharing, and accessibility of knowledge assets. They will help identify CARE Uganda dimensions of organizational knowledge creation and support management in making effective strategic decisions about knowledge acquisition, refinement, storage, transfer, sharing, and utilization. The KMTM is expected to work across multiple functional lines to optimize and utilize CARE’s knowledge assets; they shall be comfortable working in a very ‘matrixed’ environment.

Ultimate Business-Value Acquisition from the KMTM:

  • Enabling staff in the locally-led paradigm to deploy knowledge bases to provide internal strategic input across multiple processes.
  • Supporting the conscious process of structuring, relating, and sharing knowledge within CARE.
  • Driving the integration of tools and systems with attention to the four key components: Knowledge, People, Processes, and Technology (KP2T).
  • Shaping internal culture and attitudes towards effective knowledge domains/models – including triggering the latent innovation DNA and growing intellectual capital that will enable the development of new knowledge domains at CARE Uganda.
  • Enabling the development of an inventory of knowledge domains and intellectual assets and defining a mechanism for partners to access the same seamlessly, including CARE Staff looking for information or institutional knowledge.

Why KM fails at organizations:

  • Lack of a KM strategy
  • Lack of leadership
  • Employees overlooking KM
  • Failure to set objectives and KPIs
  • Lack of a monitoring regime

What will the ring-fenced knowledge management role at CARE Uganda do?

  • KM strategy – set realistic expectations and effective execution.
  • Uptake of knowledge by staff and partners and its application.
  • Capturing new knowledge effectively.
  • Control the flow of information and accessibility.
  • To ensure there is a well-led knowledge-sharing culture and environment.
  • Providing support.
  • Monitoring and measuring knowledge management activities.

What makes a good KMTM?

  • People-oriented
  • Sees the big picture objectives for CARE Uganda
  • Horizontal leadership qualities – to be able to communicate their visions and motivate teams
  • A strategic mindset – and comfortable with process mapping/data analytics.
  • Innovative and self-driven
  • Observant and mindful of their team’s actions – quickly able to identify slow adopters, outright change resistors.

The KMTM shall directly report to the CD – with a dotted line to the PQLM.

Location and outreach:
The KMTM shall be based in Kampala, with about 50% field travel to the project zones (50% time in Kampala – and 50% time in the field).

Application Link: APPLY HERE

CARE International has been working in Uganda since 1969 to address the urgent needs of conflict and disaster-affected populations and to provide support to community development. CARE’s first projects in Uganda focused on agricultural development, animal husbandry, health education, and community development.



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