Job Title: Accountant

Reports to: Senior Accountant

Main Purpose of the Job: Process staff salaries and benefits, monitor liquidity, and provide support in the accounting and reporting of Pride’s business transactions.


  1. Prepare and verify bank statements, bank reconciliations, and money transfers to ensure proper management of funds and liquidity.
  2. Prepare management reports through the analysis of income, expenditure, assets, and liabilities to aid effective management decision-making.
  3. Monitor effective budget management for efficient and effective allocation of resources.
  4. Assist in computing and preparing statutory returns through maintaining up-to-date tax schedules to adhere to tax policies.
  5. Process salaries and other staff benefits by capturing all relevant salary data for accurate salary and benefits computation and payment.
  6. Compute and analyze the accuracy of statutory deductions and financial data used for returns to ensure compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements.
  7. Process staff loans, advances, and Board allowances according to Pride policies and procedures.
  8. Ascertain accuracy of data in the IT system and genuineness of transactions for the work allocated for effective financial information dissemination.
  9. Process payments, file receipts and invoices to ensure smooth operations.
  10. Prepare all asset and liability schedules.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Business Administration, or in any other related field majoring in accounting.
  • At least level II ACCA/CPA.


  • At least two years’ experience in Accounts related roles.

How to Apply: If you believe you have the necessary skills and experience, then apply immediately by sending your Resume, ALL Academic documents, and the application to or hand-deliver your Resume, ALL Academic documents, and the application to the address below; not later than Friday, March 08, 2024.



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By Tina

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